Kluger Punkt
Freestanding Photo Frames
of Acrylic Glass

Unique photo blocks of acrylic glass with magnetic holds. A real gem among photo frames.

Kluger Punkt Photo Frame of Acrylic Glass showing Portrait of 8 Smiling Friends.
Kluger Punkt Photo Frame with discount offer
Kluger Punkt Photo Frame 5x7 with a beautifull lady hiding her face behind hair.
Two Kluger Punkt photo frames on a table next to a mug with a mustache on it and a tie. One photo showing a couple and another text


Piled up by thousands, ignored and forgotten. Sounds like your photos? These frames will bring your photos close to you, so they keep your spirits high.

Kluger Punkt photo frame showing a little girl hugging a snow man. The photo frame stands on a table in a kids room.


Don't let your precious but fading memories down. Capture moments and display them easily and beautifully, so they make you smile.

A photo showing friends at dinner. Their photos in Kluger Punkt photo frames are on the table.


Your friends don't care much about your photos? Fail to notice them? Change subject? Not anymore. Our frames will give your photos the look and the attention they deserve. Don't miss this!

Kluger Punkt Photo Frame 4x6 My Life My Style My Photo Frame Beautiful woman in Glamour surranding next to crystal clear photo frame with rose picture inside.
Inserting Photos to the Kluger Punkt Photo Frame. Two crystal clear glass blocks with two photos back-to-back inside. One photograph shows an attractive couple riding an Italian bike on a beach.

MADE WITH BEAUTIFUL CRYSTAL CLEAR ACRYLIC GLASS - feature two 10mm thick acrylic glass blocks.

FIT TWO PHOTOS BACK-TO-BACK - provide a double-sided display.

PERFECT BOTH FOR PORTRAIT AND PANORAMIC VIEWS - stable when freely standing either horizontally or vertically

ALLOW EASY PHOTO CHANGE WITHOUT TOOLS -  very strong magnets adhere the acrylic blocks together 

FLOAT EFFECT - smaller photos appear to float in the glass

Kluger Punkt Photo Frame Couplle kissing and enjoying sunset
A beautiful girl doing her workout and looking at a table with two Kluger Punkt photo frames. One photo shows a handsome man next to a nice car and another the same man without a shirt.
Two Kluger Punkt Photo Frames on a glass table with a cup of coffee on it and next to an attrractive young mom sleaping on an umchair. One photo shows an infant sleaping on mans hand and another one beautiful flowers.
Kluger Punkt photo frame on a glass table with a funny skulp and a candle on it and next to a frozen window and a pillow with text:
A couple in funny clothes surprised and amuzed by some photo in a Kluger Punkt photo frame.
Kluger Punkt photo frame with a photo af an attractive girl given as a gift. Visible hands of the girl offering the frame and hands of a man taking it.

Tech specs

A photo showing a box with Kluger Punkt photo frames and two frames next to it. The box has pictures of a smiling family on vacatons printed on it.

***** (5/5)
Elegant and strong!

I'm so impressed with this frames! They are beautiful, sturdy, stylish... they are perfect for parents like me, that cannot decide what picture to display, you can put 2 pictures in each frame. And i have to say that my toddler likes it too, and likes to walk around he living room with one that has family pictures.

Claudia Vick, United Kingdom

***** (5/5)
Good quality frame

Good solid quality, double-sided photo frame with fast delivery. Very good service and product.

J. L. Macdonald, United Kingdom

***** (5/5)
Great buy!

This frame was perfect for what I was looking for. Brilliant value for money, sturdy and heavy, a lovely looking frame

Sheehany, United Kingdom

***** (5/5)
Beautiful product

Absolutely beautiful product, exactly what was required. Would buy again.

B. McDowell, United Kingdom

***** (5/5)

An addition to my random photo collection great product looks great and is easy to change photo

sue winckler,  United Kingdom

***** (5/5)
High quality block frames. Recommended

Brilliant quality product, very weighty and finished really nicely. Good magnets to hold the two halves together. They even include polishing cloths to go the extra mile! They are just what I was looking for. Highly recommended.

Edinburgh Man, UK

***** (5/5)
Perfect price & amazingly fast delivery

Perfect for me.

A. Custom, United Kingdom

***** (5/5)
Easy photo frame

I liked the picture frame they were different, modern & easy to put photo inside.

Lorna Aquilotti, UK

***** (5/5)

Davvero bello :) regalo molto gradito

Mi, Italy

***** (5/5)
Very beautiful!

Really beautiful! Made of quality material or so it seems. The magnets are really strong, you can put a photo in both “faces” of the frame.
Very simple but elegant, adapts to any room and decor.

Jessica, Italy

***** (5/5)

Look great and seamless

Sasha, UK


WORRY-FREE WARRANTY - you may return this product within 90 days for an immediate and full refund. No questions asked.

FREE SAME-DAY SHIPPING to locations in the UK

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