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We at Kluger Punkt believe there are precious but fading memories of each life that deserve better. Better than being ever just cheap & common digital photos: piled up by thousands, ignored and forgotten. We make your memories real, tangible, perfectly well displayed, exceptional and admired. We bring them close to you, so they keep your spirits high.

We manufacture Superb Acrylic Photo Frames.

Please feel free to contact us at: cs@klugerpunkt.com

or by phone at: + 44 161 505 1820

Kluger Punkt Photo Frame with a photo of a couple and a postcard from them where they write why they like the frames

Kluger Punkt is a brand of 

PointOnTrade ltd (UK reg. No. 12361031) 
Office 290B, 182-184 High Street North,
London, E6 2JA, United Kingdom

+ 44 161 505 1820 

Kluger Punkt Photo Frame with cat and lady